Our craftsmanship is just the beginning, none of it could be possible without the experience and education we have earned over our years in the building industry.

Kirchhoff Construction INC was established in 2003 in the heart of beautiful Bozeman Montana. The company was founded by owner Craig Kirchhoff. Craig has been involved in multiple construction projects through his years involving GREEN home building, commercial contracting, high end residential, and investment projects. However, where Craig and his company excel is in the customer service, and level of compassion that his company provides. Kirchhoff Construction understands the emotional importance of being involved in the construction of a family’s new home, or the development of an entrepreneur’s new vision. No dream is too big or small. With a dream and a dash of passion, anything becomes possible. Kirchhoff Construction knows this!

Quality, reputable, and professional contracting backed by integrity driven onsite management, have produced overflowing bushels of happy clients and forever friends. As the business continues to excel even through a recessionary period, Craig’s passions within his company have evolved to fork in two very different directions. The first passion possesses an overwhelming desire to be consistently challenged to provide perfection for his clientele. His second and probably most prominent and powerful passion lies within the honor of becoming a part in opening new and beautiful chapters of peoples lives.

Through recessionary times Kirchhoff Construction believes in performance. By performance, they mean providing quality and pride in craftsmanship but even more importantly, doing the right thing. Craig won’t shake hand’s with the devil, but his commitment in treating people just and fair especially through financially trying times, is as good as gold.

Just like a dream, no job is to big or small. Each clients needs are different. Kirchhoff Construction gets it! Statewide, from first time home owners to large commercial contracting and framing, every client feels safe in knowing that Kirchhoff Constructions, abilities, management, integrity, skill set, background, experience and communal relations, have arose to the top time and time again.

Might Kirchhoff Construction be given the opportunity to aid you in any way, please give us a call or contact us here and they would be glad to extend a hand and invite you into their world!

Why Choose Kirchhoff Construction?

Kirchhoff Construction takes our work very seriously and with the following personal traits we know we can finish any project with premium quality and execution.